“Just add water”

   It’s here! The newest shoot for Biweekly Beauties is posted and it is wet.Go check out my collaboration with Sammi and Heather. These two cuties are real-life best friends and know how to cool off on a hot day!  XOHXOH Sarah Lea

Last look at Natalie

 Today is the last day to check out Natalie’s BWB shoot before we welcome our newest beauties!  Check out this sweet-yet-sultry pic and go to her fun/creative shoot under the Biweekly Beauties link!  Get excited, the next BWB feature has not one, but two adorable models in BWB’s first ever black and white feature/collaboration!  Don’t […]

Collaboration with Simoriah Gosnell

For those of you who like the “crazy rocker chick” look, get excited about my most recent collaboration with Simoriah Gosnell and LeeAnn Holstine Photography and MUA Sierra Hill. I helped Simoriah trash-glam-it-up with this concept and her poses. Several more edits to come! XOHXOH Sarah Lea

Because a high of 90 degrees today wasn’t hot enough

It got HOT-HOT-HOT today in Springfield, but not as  smokin’ as last weekend when my friend David and I snapped this pic. The inspiration came from his everclear spraying skills and our obsession with the South African group Die Antwoord. Their song “Baby’s on Fire” is favorite anywhere we go and hopefully so is this […]

Ass and Art

The picture above is not a painting on the ceiling of the Sistine chapel, a marble statue or any other traditionally acceptable form of displaying nudity as art. It, in many ways is better than the fore mentioned art forms because it shows reality, not an impression or interpretation of it. Some would say that […]