This image may be yet another teaser pic from a shoot I did recently. (curtsey of Becky Gerdel ).┬áBut it also a bit of a reflection of how messy things can be for me “IRL.”

My most recent mess involved my birthday. What was supposed to be the greatest 2-day birthday bash turned into disappointment and odd relief.

The morning of my birthday I munched down some cereal, headed to my two jobs (which I will discuss later), and looked forward to changing for my birthday bash. After a long day at work I hurried home excited to “start” my birthday. I’m lucky to have a couple of my friends who were willing to travel to see me, they took me out for food and gave me a very fun-yet-relaxed-night.

Thursday I had tickets to the paint party I posted about last week and I could not have been more excited, until I got done with 12 hours of work/class; then, I was exhausted. I fell asleep and missed the concert, but there was a bit of a silver lining to my misfortune: there was a death at the event. Someone died in the crowd that night and the entire thing turned from a hot mess, to a sad mess. In light of that tragedy, I became suddenly grateful for missing the event, despite the hype.

That was my week off, hope you all had a better week, but I doubt you had better people :)


Sarah Lea

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