One month ago I decided to go out on a limb and ask the promoters at Life in Color (the event I attended for my Birthday) if they needed brand ambassadors for my local event in Columbia MO in April, they said YES! In return for my representing them as a social media presences I got a free ticket and more than I ever imagined. Once I started promoting the event and sharing it, fellow EDM fans from around Missouri (and beyond) started adding me on Facebook. I started speaking to a few and learned about ULTRA music festival in Miami. I found several were attending this festival and somehow I managed to find a place to crash, a cheap flight and after a pain-staking (expensive) ticket purchase for ULTRA I was set to be in Miami! Now I will be basking in the sun and listening to some of my favorite artists! THANK YOU so much to all my EDM loving friends for their hospitality and badass taste in music.


Sarah Lea

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